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Pros Side windows with level 5 shade Equipped with exhaust vents Big viewing location This is another premium welding helmet with a matching price point. mig welding. While it is equipped with a large viewing location, it's not nearly as considerable as our third and 4th tease this list, both of which are similar in rate.

This allows you to set eight different memory settings that you can quickly recall at any time. While not required to the function of this helmet, it does need to be discussed that it looks pretty darn cool. If you're a fan of the "HALO" franchise, it may be a selling point to feel like the Masterchief while you spray triggers.


A high-density plastic shell keeps you safe and protected. The headgear is easily changed, though not as comfortable as comparable helmets. Its weight of 2 pounds is quite heavy for the price variety and will not be as comfortable for long jobs. The shade range is only variable from 9-13, making it less adjustable than the previous tips on this list.

For the price, the functions do not rather match up. Pros Perfect https://www.industriesdays.com optical clarity Quickly changed headgear Cons Heavy Not as comfortable as competitors Low shade variability When it comes to mask exposure when you're not really welding, the Optrel VegaView 2.5 leads the pack. Sadly, that seems to be the only place where it does so.

The light weight of this helmet likewise indicates you'll be comfortable for long hours while dealing with a job. While the lens in this mask has the lightest shade available, it compromises darkness to arrive. Previous helmets on this list went to shade level 13, however this one caps out at 12.

The high price tag on this mask satisfies or surpasses the prices of our prior choices, which are recommended as better alternatives. Pros Most affordable light state shade level of 2.5 Lightweight Cons High priced Only increases to shade level 12 The 281000 series mask from Miller has a decent function set but does not have reliability.

The digital controls are likewise simple to check out and run. The headgear is the first genuine problem. It does not seem to return to the exact same position each time you put it back on your head. This results in the consistent need for change, which can get annoying quite quickly. The lens has actually been understood to have problems with sensing when to change back to light state after the welding is completed.


Pros Fantastic visibility Digital manages Cons Headgear needs constant modification Lens dependability problems Lens lock is a weak spot This welding mask from YESWELDER offers low-end rates for those simply getting going in welding (mig welding). Geared up with four sensing units and a super big seeing screen, seeing your work will not be the problem.

Light leaks are a known problem with this budget helmet. Must light leaks take place throughout the welding procedure, arc flashes can happen as a result and have occurred with this design for some users. Other lens issues have actually also been experienced, such as not going back to the light state after welding.


Cons Understood to have light leakages Does not provide adequate eye protection Inconsistent sensors change colors while working Equipped with a standard-sized viewing screen and a shade irregularity that just varies from 9-13, the bottom position on our list is filled by the DEKOPRO DX-850E. It is affordable, a fact reflected in its very little function set.